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Event Details

The World Youth Festival is a forum to encourage youth to contribute, collaborate and play a real role in nation-building. High-quality young generations will have an important role in the growth of ecosystems in the Society 5.0 era. This platform brings together young leaders from various countries around the world with their brilliant ideas that can be collaborated to make a positive impact on society. In addition, this program is also enlivened with various activities to develop the potential to respond to various global challenges.
It is a 4 days program in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on July 24-27, 2023.
The World Youth Festival will bring the theme "Fostering Creativity in Technology". The World Youth Festival will bring the theme "Fostering Creativity in Technology". Sub-themes: •Education •Beverage •Fintech •environment •Creative Industry
The World Youth Festival program is held to achieve the following objectives: 1. Build the character of youth leadership. 2. Build the confidence of youth through competition. 3. Sharpen up the ability to see and take advantage of opportunities. 4. Build the existence of the youth at the international level. 5. Train the spirit of collaboration to actively contribute to building the country. 6. Continue the program for years to come by creating a strong network and long-term relationships among YBB alumni.
You can contact the project manager on ybb.worldyouthfest@gmail.com and the public relations on whatsapp at: +62 851-7338-6622 or here


Participants need to register through our website, https://worldyouthfest.com . Then, all participants will create a new account on sign up column, fill in the personal information details, write an essay, and make sure the payment is complete. Then, the last step to register is to submit the application. After you have completed all the processes, you will receive an automatic confirmation email from us.
Participants only need to prepare an essay. For the rules of writing the essay, all the details can be found in this link. here
General requirement: Aged 15 - 35 years old. All youth from various backgrounds and countries. Never have a criminal record or immigration issues.
The registration will be held on April 20 – May 20, 2023. Then the committee will announce for the selected participants on May 25 - 31, 2023.
There will be 10 best delegates who get a free program payment or funded program (excluding flight tickets and visa), and 100 delegates for self-funded. The funded program quota will refer to the quality of the applicants themselves.
All of the participants can have the opportunity to get fully funded program. We will assess your profile, application form, essay, plus interview. Show the best version of yourself and grab this golden chance!
Please read the guideline for the registration process here . The registration is on this website.
TOEFL or IELTS certification is not required to join World Youth Festival..
Participants will receive email confirmation from Youth Break Boundaries when the application and payment is submitted successfully.


Make sure that you have made a purchase with the selected payment method on our website. The process is automatic. Please contact ybb.worldyouthfest@gmail.com or Whatsapp +62 851-7338-6622. or here
No, the registration fee as well as the program fee aren’t entitled to refund.